PZ038 Das ist auch mal ein interessanter Fetisch

One thought on “PZ038 Das ist auch mal ein interessanter Fetisch

  1. The King of the Changelings

    So, this time I want to give this all a bit more order and go trough everything step by step:
    -first of, you really must have loved my “off topic” I lost the count of how many times you mentioned it
    -I have doupts that we know each other, not sure who you tought of while talking about me
    -you have a good point about comparing equestria and europe, I didn’t think about it in that way
    -when you mentioned the “what if’s” I automaticly listened even closer, because those are my favourite episodes from you (yet, who knows if you can top them). I would love if you do anothe one
    -if it’s funny when you just talk random shit? it seems like you need someone to say this to you, but for me it’s simply hilarious. I give you respect for just talking about stuff and make it incredible funny
    -about the key thing, applejack didn’t get her’s yet, and from what I know pinkie’s gonna get her’s in an episode called “pinkie pride”
    -when I saw Flash Century I really didn’t think much of it, for me it was just an throw away gag. I don’t hate that guy, but I also didn’t watch equestria girls completely
    -nice to know I’m not the only one that tought of an video game when cadance mentioned her health bubble
    -about sombra I don’t think that he wil ever returne to us, even if I would have an real fangasm when it would happen, he’s my favourite villain, and I just loved the way he looked. really REALLY loved, if you know what I mean…
    -that remix of the smile song gives my horrible flashbacks from “Smile HD”
    -about your request for questions for you you can bring up to talk about, I would love your ideas to why the mane six aren’t famous, I mean they are the elements of harmony and saved the world a few times. or talk about what would have been if they would have gotten extreme fame from it

    so, that would be it. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for your next episode

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