PZ039 Haribo Fruchtfledermäuse

One thought on “PZ039 Haribo Fruchtfledermäuse

  1. The King of the Changelings

    So ACE, you take LSD? Explains a few things, but if you want a real kick, try ponyzit, I swear, one dose a week and you are hyped untill the next week. But be warned, after the first time you’re already adicted. But now to a real feedback:
    -I just got praised by ponyzit for my comment and even get called a Sir? I must say I’m honored, but you shouldn’t praise me if you are the ones with the wonderfull show, I should be the one calling you Sir and Madame
    -to answer your question, yes I can understand German/Suisse German (one could almost say it’s necessary if you live in switzerland) but I think of English as the much nicer language, and it’s a habit of mine to only speak English in the internet, even if the other person speaks German
    -I have to say that this episode was something between hate and love for me, seeing how I really, really dislike the songs in mlp (except villain songs, those are awesome) but on the other hoof it was incredible funny. The live action scenes of boneless and gummy were priceless, when she licked her own tears was also funny to me, and the moment where he started to sing the smile song (even if I don’t like the song) made the episode for me, and bringing me to laugh is not always that easy
    -in the moment where she looked at the pictures with her past partys I honestly expected to see a picture of her party of one, and then an comment like “well, maybe not all of my partys were THAT great”. I must say I was a bit disappointed
    -nice choise for the song, but I liked the original better, but then again, just showing the normal song would have been boring
    -to bad you figured out that fruitbats existed on your own, could have lectured you all about a bit if you hadn’t. well, maybe next time
    -about why exactly ponies, I have to be honest, I have doupts I would have ever started to watch this show if it wouldn’t have been ponies (has to do with how I even discoverd the show, but that’s a rather strange story). I always loved horses, the big and the little ones, and mythical beasts, so my little pony was the perfect mix for me. I doupt you could have made it work with any other species
    -you can belive me, you’re no the only ones that is confused about the whole rariycow thing, but I don’t really want to give my comment about that
    -ACE, you can make as many drugjokes as you want, you can be sure I will laugh about them
    -I would like Sunset Shimmer to returne, would surely make an interesting story

    and now to the most important thing in this whole episode:
    ~takes out an noteblock and a pen and starts checking things off~ is funny, check. loves nightmare moon, check. thinks twibra is best shipping? oh boy, double check! ~thows block and pen away~ well ACE, congratulation, even tough my idea for the best twibra shipping would be a bit different, you’re now my god. do with that power whatever you want.
    this was it from me for now, have a nice time and I can’t wait to hear from you again

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