PZ042 Leonie Time

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2 thoughts on “PZ042 Leonie Time

  1. King of the Changelings

    You either didn’t find anything from my last comment that was usefull for you or I wrote it too late and you didn’t see it, anyways I’m going to cry in my favourite corner, but first I write my comment:
    -i was obvious that you would make a joke with 42, but I would have complained if you didn’t
    -first a god, now a dictator. we slowly lower ACE’s ego down to ground level. this episode you can be emperor. just don’t call yourself King, that name is taken
    -I think it’s good that you talk about the comments like this, because so I don’t have to read them myself and get the informations from you
    -I’m also one that thinks the mainetrain is too boring. one of the reasons I’m even a brony
    -I would pay a decent amount of money to kiss celestias hooves, but only if it would be the real one
    -I must say the scene where the butler starts to make acrobatic genuinly surprised me, and I also tought it was a really funny one
    -the moment where Sweetie Belle tells Diamond about how she spends time with Twilight deserves this sentence: “Get owned B*tch”
    -I really don’t get it how spending time with twilight is special, I mean she works in an puplic library, I’m sure you can get her attention if you only show up enough times
    -I’m happy we see something from Pipssqueek again, I liked him and didn’t expect to see him again
    -I side with ACE, Twilight really seems like she doesn’t really get that she’s famous, even if a whole bunch of fillys scream for her attention
    -Spike’s just the buttend of all jokes, and you’re not wrong when you say it needs a decent Spike episode, but here’s the probleme: just think about Power Ponies, the episode wasn’t perfect but it’s moral was that Spike shouldn’t feel useless and that everyone of them cares for him, but now look at him again, all jokes go on his costs again. it really seem to me like the writers only care for him when he has an episode an forget about him after it’s done, and I would love to see some luck in the live of this guy, for a world of rainbows and frindship he really has it hard
    -what me botherd at the end of the episode was that suddenly they could do their tricks, even if only seconds ago they failed at it. why can’t stuff like that heppen to me?
    – I have honestly no idea of what someone that works in IT does. My knowledge with computer ends with “how to press the start button”
    ->say how stupid bots in games are
    >listen to this episode while playing TF2 botmodus
    -got a friend of mine (non brony) to listen to your broadcast, he’s a really big fan of civilisations, so good that you mentioned it
    -I personally prefer Silver Spoon over Diamond, I just feel like she could with some work become an enjoyable character
    – ~grabs ACE and puts him into a bureau that looks like that of an travel agency~ Texas I hear? Excelent choise! nothing in all of the US can beat the lone start state! I can say something about texas that you will surely like to hear, that whole redneck stuff is really not that big of a probleme there (ask states like Arizona about those guys) how most people think. of course there are still a few, but just stay away from pick-ups with a pair of balls hanging from their buffer (that’s sadly enough not even a joke, that’s actually a thing) and you should be fine. also, as a German person you have in Texas really good chances, those guys are loved there. Heck, texas BBQ has it’s roots in the Schnitzel (I once made whole presentation about Texas, I learned a few things there). As much as I love Texas I also have to say about the whole loud talking gunwielding lunatics thing…
    let’s just say, and I doupt that this will happen, if you ever have an arguement with an Texas on the street and you say something wrong you can pretty much expect to have suddenly a gun pointed at you…..
    just as a little warning…
    – I have my doupts you can go anywhere with an “I <3 osama" shirt and expect people to think it's funny

    anyways, that was it once again from me. have a good time and I can't wait to hear from you again

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