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2 thoughts on “PZ044 Kristallica

  1. King of the Changelings

    another week another comment, am I right? well, let’s waste no time then:
    -so Ponyzit on monday it is? thank you, now I can time my comments properly, so you HAVE TO READ THEM! MWAHAHAHAHAHA ~coughs~ sorry, remembered a funny joke I heard today
    -damn, all that talk about softwares makes me sad. my knowledge in computer ends with the start button
    -about the first episode:
    -I tought it was a really great moral, I’m the living exampel of a person who first needs a kick in the ass to get me to do things sometimes
    -“magic is serious business”. sure. can you explain me then why twilight has to transform frogs into oranges? or grow mustaches?
    -about twilight beeing to bossy, wasn’t she always the boss from the six? I don’t really think that anything changed there, even with with her titel as princess
    -“The element of laughter, kindness, honesty, generosity and loyalty…. sorry, but loyalty would have cost another 50 bits… but still! with the 4 elements we have we create the 6. erm.. 5. element! the element of half.decent magic. yay”
    -I agree with you, for a key episode it was just completely boring. also with those breezes I felt like watching 20 minutes of comercial.
    -doctor whooves with 3D glasses and rose by his side, wonderfull. my favourite doctor who episode
    -are you sure they talked scottish? to me that sounded an awefully like swedish
    -Equestria girls 2? really? did the first one really make enough money for a sequel? were there people on the streets makeing protests screaming for that movie? damn Hasbro…
    -I agree with ACE, if Twilight’s and Flash’s lips even meet for a frame I’m going to hand out torches and pitchforkes, buy every person I find an plane ticket to america and then we going to burn down Hasbro HQ. there’s nothing I hate more then canon shiping with main caracters of shows
    -wel, if there has to be an sequel then we maybe at least get a bit more sunset shimmer, I have to say I kinda like her character
    -second episode:
    -I think that overprotecting AJ just showed how much she really cared for her family, but I also see how Aplebloom wants to be able to handle things on her own for once
    -well, guess the money for songs in this episode went into the makeing of equestria girls 2…
    -when I hear ponies then I hear ponies, not the persons behind their voices. for me at least this was never a probleme
    -don’t worry, even if noone else does, I will always thing of you as a bigshot Nerdinant
    -A quicky between Bigmac and Cheerlie, eh? you’ve got a dirty mind Leonie
    -ok, I can see that not everyone was into the monster but let’s have a little lesson in mythologie will we? so, the creature in the episode is not made up from hasbro it’s called a Chimera (ger: Chimäre) and comes from the greek mythologie. I was dissapointed by it in two ways: first one, why did it have a tiger head? a chimera has a lione head, and that bugs me more then it should (but I guess they changed it so it didn’t exactly look like the manticore). socond reason: why didn’t the goat head spit fire? that was also a part from the “real” chimera. and while were at it, did you know that in the human mythologie the manticore actually had a human head? would have been funny if they left it like that.
    -you talk about rednecks on ponyzit and now they’re in the next MLP episode. do you think Hasbro and the NSA work together?

    well, that was it once again from me. have a good time and I can’t wait to hear from you again

  2. hey

    I just wanted to say that I really like the podcast (thx for taking the time!) and also the Pilatus PC-12 site icon.

    PS: I heope the next episode is coming soon.

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