PZ045 Das Rock Farm-Konzept

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7 thoughts on “PZ045 Das Rock Farm-Konzept

  1. Lena

    Okay I’m going to comment here, because this is what I’m feeling about the podcast.
    Stop talking about groups of people you have nothing to do with.
    Stop mentioning “the trolls” or “maloney”, it will only bring harm and fights and probably offensive statements from all sides.
    I think it’s your (nerdi’s) responsibility to not allow insults towards an entire group of people.
    Who even left you alone, we did nothing at sissach and still we get insulted for that.

    Just Talk about the show and the actually community.
    The bronies.
    Don’t talk about past members and I will personally try my best to stop people from harassing any member on any platform, but continue and the storm will continue.
    But I see this podcast as a format of harassment towards my friends and me in which people abuse their right to say whatever they want without giving the people they talk about a proper option to stop them or defend themselves while it’s happening and the insulted ones become upset when they know it’s just out there.
    Insults and dumb jokes made on their expense are made and out there and they have no power to stop it, unless they Yell and curse and fight with hands and feet in a forum which isn’t the proper platform for this, but the only one given.

    So continue with this format, but if you want your peace I strongly advise you to stop taking about non bronies.

  2. Claudio

    Was Lena sagt, ausserdem sollte Nerdi endlich versuchen sich ein Rückgrat wachsen zu lassen und sich von ACE, der einige Jahre jünger ist nicht alles gefallen zu lassen, hätte euch in der Vergangenheit einigen Ärger erspart. Ich höre den Ponyzit Podcast nicht mehr und werde es in Zukunft auch nicht mehr tun, denn die momentane Schweizer Bronycommunity könnte mich nicht weniger interessieren, darum bitte ich ebenfalls mich in Zukunft nicht mehr zu erwähnen, so schwer dies ACE auch fallen mag aber sonst soll er doch bitte versuchen ein weniger einfühlsamer und weniger von sich selbst eingenommen zu sein, denn wie gesagt, dass würde den Rummel um diese Sendung wesentlich veringern.

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Claudio aka Kludi

  3. King of the Changelings

    Well, less talking and more commenting for me:
    -first I want to thank you for your nice feedback to my own feedback, it’s nice that you enjoy what I write
    -why would you become a brony just “because it’s cool”? aren’t there better things you can do to be cool? well, maybe they just want to be part of the superior brony race. as you said, bronies are the better humans
    -really? goldeneye? look, it’s not that I don’t like the game, I really give it respect for definitly haveing a big impact on how multiplayer in such a game can be, but am I really the only one on this planet who played “007: Nightfire” growing up? it was a complete improvement of goldeneye, but noone ever mentions it
    -I would swear ACE already told the story with the smoker once
    -well, maybe you can make “cooking with Ponyzit” some sort of spin-off show. you could make rock candy in your first episode, I would watch it
    -hmm, that song you used reminded me that there are still a few episodes in season 1 and 2 I never watched (I still had some sort of dignity back then, and I didn’t want to listen to those songs)
    -poor poor tombstone, he may have maked a few nice songs but I swear his singing voice gives me goosebumps
    – pinkie has 3 sisters, not only two. you saw that in the picture she’s holding up in “Pinkie Pride”
    -31:55 HOLLY SHIT! I don’t know if that’s because of my handy but it sounds like slendermare just invaded your broadcast. I was listening to this at 6 in the morning, I nearly got an hear attack!
    -every time maud talks it sounds like a background charakter in a B movie, not giving a single c*** how his performance is
    -why was everyone just standing there and starring at pinkie while that rock started to roll nearly killed her? is death trough accident something so uncommon in equestria that they just wanted to witness it for once?
    -I think the moral in the episode really sucked, you don’t just can be friends because you two happen to have another common friend. they should have made it something more like “there are just people who don’t fit to each others, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing”. I’m sure we all know someone you just can’t have as friend, even if you have nothing against him as a person
    -the fact that they made food from rocks (even if it’s candy) quite changes my headcanon about the rock farm. who knows, maybe you actualy can eat those rocks they grow there?
    -man, the concept rock farm is so strange, I’m sure the person who came up with it was… stone! damn, that was a lame one….
    -Tom x Boulder? NEVER! we all know Tom’s true love is Bloomberg!
    -I was more happy to see Owlowicius again, but everyone has his favourite pet I guess
    -I’m really more interested in Rainbow Dash’s and Fluttershy’s family then in that of Scootaloo, I mean all we ever saw of them is a quick glance at Rainbow’s dad. Hmm, maybe it’s just a thing under Pegasus to one day drop their fillys at the doors of the school and run off as fast as possible, would explain a few things
    -so, A Prussian Pickelhaube? ~I browse trough some sheets in my noteblock~ so many jokes, so many jokes… oh, that’s a good one: “Er lebe hoch, wo ist der Kaiser? Er lebe hoch, wir brauchen ein Idol! Er lebe hoch, wo ist der Kaiser? Dieses Land braucht ihn, und keinen Rock ‘n Roll!” you don’t have to get that refference, that’s more for myself then for your entertainement
    -Winter Wrapp up, one of those episodes I still didn’t watch. Didn’t manage to get beyond the first sentence of the song
    -hmm… I think it’s true, the episodes in the middle were… kind of lame… but they’re getting better (maybe not that hard if you compare them with the breezies)
    -so, for whom the sweetie bell tolls…. ~I sigh and slowly shake my head~ I just can bring myself to like this episode, even if I try. not because I think it’s bad, exactly the opposite is the probleme…
    -I still don’t like the CMC’s that much, but I have to admit, their episodes are much better now that they’re not that focused on cutiemarks anymore
    -I may understand why Sweetie is so angry ( haveing two brothers teaches you a few things about family hate), but still, destroying an important work of her own sister? man, I really thought she would have known better…
    -and hen there is… ~sighs~ …luna… am I really the only person on the world who’d rather see more of Celestia then from her? it surely feels like it
    -if I had directed that episode the dialoge between Luna and Sweetie would have been like this: “I know how it feels like to stand in the shadow of your own sister, but destroying her hat won’t do you any good. just let your hate against her grow stronger and stronger, and I promise you, soon you will transform into and awseome creature of the shadows and then you can have your revenge. belive me, I’m an expert on that matter”
    -I must say, seeing how the 5 year old Sweetie falls flat on her face was one of the most funny things I saw in some time
    -one of my problemes with Luna already got kinda mentioned by ACE, I just have to think of Luna as some kind of Freddy Krueger, and when I saw that movie ( I think it was the second one) for the first time I nearly died of fear, and I still can’t really stand that guy
    -with all my complains, I give Luna credit, her dream world looks really cool. and about your question about how she can watch ovr all dreams without running out of time, I’d say that in that dream world time goes differently, and that she just feels when someone has a nightmare and then trys to help and ease it
    -if they ever should make a human joke in this show then I demand that Lyra has a role in it. it would feel wrong the other way
    -I may dissapoint you now, but the ghost at the end from Castlemaneia will have no role, the producers themself said that it was just a joke they made in the end and it will have no role
    -“burn down all the american cinemas to prevent Equestria Girls 2” that plan is so good and flawless I’m actually surprised no one came up with it already

    now would normally be the end of my comment (seeing how everything I wrote on my noteblock is checked up), but there’s still two things (actually it’s 5 thing if you think about it) that I wanted to mention but have no connection with this episode:
    -I remembered ACE’s complain that there are no normal, decent looking and not in some way strange stallions in this show. I have found someone who should be perfect for this: Braeburn. he looks normal, has a nice voice, the strangest thing he’s ever done is screaming appleloosa a bit to long and he was one of those smart enough to see that a war between ponies and Buffalo’s doesnt help anyone. and if we belive the memes (even if they’re outdated) everypony is gay for him

    the scond is a bit bigger. I don’t know if anyone of you watches Dr.Wolf’s videos on youtube, but if you have you might already guess what I’m going to ask: it seems like Hasbro released some spoilers about season 5 for us to think about, and DR.Wolf talked about 4 that he thought stand out, and I wanted to ask if you maybe would share with us what you think about those spoilers. if you haven’t seen his video the spoilers he mentiones are:

    Lauren Faust will come back to make one more episode (I’m interested how they got her back, seeing how she never wanted twilight to become an Alicorn)

    A fan created charakter will make an appearance in the show, Kimi Sparkle (I honestly have no idea who that’s supposed to be, Dr.Wolf said she’s from Sherclop pone, the guys who make Frindship is witchcraft)

    one of the mane 6 will get a real boyfriend, and no other else then… Pinkie Pie? (wow, when I think of romance in MLP I would think of Rarity or Fluttershy, heck maybe even Twilight, but Pinkie? this will surely be pretty interesting)

    and now, in my oppinion the big one:
    Nightmare Moon will come back, and this time for real. that means as much as that Luna will willingy transform inti Nightmare Moon to defeat a greater evil (there are two feeling rageing inside of me, the first one: yay, more Nightmare Moon! but the second has to be something like: what. in the holy name. of the GODDESSES C**** L***** C*********. IS THAT BIG OF A THREAD TO UNLEASH THE MOST REGRETED THING SHE’S EVER DONE AGAIN?!? I mean think about it, we had a God of Chaos, a Queen and her evil army of shapeshifters and an 1000 years old demon pony of shadows and she didn’t even do s*** once, but now she’s letting out her inner demons to fight against something? man, that must be bad, very, very bad. but another question, if there’s some epic fight (there must something pretty damn evil atacking for her to do something like this) how do you think the fight will be? more a spiritual fight where they battle with words and ideologies or more something like “Micheal Bay’s My Little Pony”, with death, explosions and the whole city canterlot falling from it’s mountain side? (I mean I know it will not be like this, but damn that would be awesome)

    damn you Hasbro, not even done with this season and already hypeing me for the next. Those guys really do their job well.

    Anyways, this is it from me for now, I hope my comment helped or entertained you in some way, and I really hope that you will discuss those things if you don’t have a probleme with spoilers. I hope you’ll have anice day and I can’t wait to listen to you again

    1. King again

      False alarm, was just a Joke by Dr.Wolf. That’s what happens if you don’t look at the dates of videos

    2. King again

      Also, please don’t mention that whole part in the poadcast, I already feel ashamed enough, it would be nice of you to just ignore it. But of course I would also understand if you want to throw a bit salt in my open wounds

  4. the_liveing_tombstone

    אני באמת יהיה מופתע אם אתה באמת הייתי לתרגם את זה, אני מתכוון, אני לא באמת סומך בתרגומים של גוגל. בכל מקרה, ברכות נחמדים מהמלך המוחלף

  5. Le Dark Memer

    Dear ponyzit team

    As today the new episode will be made let me make a few suggestions.

    Please talk about the feedback that happened in the past few days and about what happened on the forum with this so called kludi army. It offended my a lot and id like your opinion. On it. please also generally talk more about the community and less about the episode. i can watch the episode myslef in 20 minutes so i dont need any summaries that take just as long.

    Id be happy do hear my suggestions taken care of.
    Yours sincerely

    Le Dark Memer

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