PZ046 Friendship was Magic

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7 thoughts on “PZ046 Friendship was Magic

  1. Lena

    You guys really don’t understand the concept of not concerning yourself with people that aren’t any of your business.
    It shows great maturity to insult near strangers I must say.
    Also true signs of tolerance.
    Stop it.
    Is it that hard to understand?

    Also a question, how sad a life do bronies have if they have to talk about non bronies who apparently have no life in a format dedicated to bronies?

    This is a sad excuse for entertainment and I really hope I do not have to further associate myself with it BY BEING PART OF THE CONTENT.
    I would gladly stop listening to it IF I WERE NOT PART OF THE CONTENT. Because it is really just irritating and/or boring.

    So please stop talking about me so I can stop listening to this display of stupidity.

  2. King of the Changelings

    -Leonie should go to the BUCK. Why? because then is the episode where you talk about the BUCK much better, I’m sure of that.

    But now let me greet you once again. And after this warm greeting let’s waste no time and go to my feedback:
    -yay, they love me! it’s nice that you appriciate my comments, I work hard to write them! (well, not really, but you get the picture)
    -see, that’s the probleme, noone I’ve ever met has played 007:Nightfire. Not even I, I lost it a long time ago, but it will live on in my memories
    -HEY! don’t awnser the question about you and the smoker yourself! that’s my job!
    -I have to be honest, I didn’t quite get what that all after my feedback ment (maybe I should start reading the comments? nah, the oppinion of you and me is enough for me), but I don’t think you have to explain it to me
    -there’s only one moment when I’m a Brony to get attention, and that’s when I play TF2. I’m not spamming anything, my name is not too obviously pony related and I also don’t provocate it in any way, but I love it when someone gets angry just because I’m a fan of something they don’t like. I think it’s highly entertaining
    -Flim and Flam are so awesome, they have to be on place 4 of my favourite stallions in this show (fun fact: to “flim-flam” means to cheat in something. nice joke of the writers)
    -how did they get the stupid idea to go back to ponyville? how did that conversation go between the two? “Hey, wanna go back to ponyville and try to screw them again?” “you mean the town where we got thrown out and yelled at to never come back? sounds great to me!”
    -I loved and hated the conflict with Applejack. On the one side is that we all have those little lies where we know it’s better to hide the truth as long as noone is hurt, but that’s the probleme: she should had known that eventually someone will hurt himself, and I really would have expected AJ to know that. then again, these two have charisma that I could just dream of
    -this episode proved my theorie that all you need in equestria to get people on your side is a musical. if Luna ever wanted to overthrow Celestia then all she needed would be a band and a few nice lyrics and in no time she would have an entire army
    -why do they even need medicine? you would expect that in a world full of magic you could heal that stuff in no time. even then, they live right next to Zecora, and if you can make teeth grow back then I’m sure you manage to heal a broken bone
    -why were there so many injured ponies? was there a war we didn’t hear of or did that building from Mysterious Mare-Do-Well colaps again?
    -I must say that I liked Flim and Flam’s assistend. Not because he was a good character, more because that because he learned a lesson and not Flim and Flam the writers could still bring them back another time, and I’d love another song from them (even if the second one was a bit lame compared to the Speedy Squeeserthingy)
    -All in all I would say a decent episode, maybe a bit lame for a key episode, but as long as there are no Breezies that’s fine to me
    -I wanna be honest, I would have no probleme with Big Mac in my bed to cuddle with. Just look at these ponies, they’re so fluffy! you would have to look like most of the stallions to not be cuddleworthy to me
    – really? subminimal messages don’t work? do you really want to tell my that I spend all that money for my plan of world domination and now it doesn’t even work? damn, should have gone with the Freeze-ray but no….
    -get a job? already working on it. get a girlfriend? already done. get a boyfriend? may sound a bit strange but that wouldn’t even be that hard for me
    kissing Nerdi? uhm… I don’t know how I should say this, but I see you more as a friend then as a lover, but as I said, we can still be good friends!
    -I don’t think they would let Granny Smith die, they would need some balls to do that, and any balls they had were removed when Lauren Faust left the show. But her dead parents on the other hand… still extremely unlikely, but I could imgening that as a good episode with some heart putten into it. but again, they still would need some balls for that, and equestria girls 2 is definitly a step in the wrong direction if they wana do that
    -I would be very interested in the genetics of magical ponies, especially about the children of alicorns and none-alicorns ~caugh~ cadence and shining ~caugh~
    -I really would like to know why Sombra is so evil. I mean maybe he is just possesed, his eyes are always glowing with dark magic so maybe they would have just washed his sould with the elements of harmony (who they didn’t use why again?) and he would have been a normal (rather good looking) guy again. but no, blast him with the canons of Navarone why don’t you?
    – Celestia and Luna, ruler of Equestria! Mi Amora Cadenca, ruler of the Crystal Empire! Twilight Sparkle, ruler of that scary forest noone wants to live in expect some monsters and a zebra
    -good idea, burn down that whole forest. it worked in Fallout Equestria so why not in the actual show?
    -I don’t even wanna act like I have any knowlege about polotics at all, so I shouldn’t really give an comment about that whole probleme with Russia nd the rest of the world. Let me just say that: I really never tought of Russia (or any other country (except Belgium)) as completely “evil”. every nation has done at least something bad, some more then others, but still no reason why you should call them all “evil”
    -“History repeats itself” yes, that is true, but do you also know the saying “that history repeats itself is the sad prove that we don’t learn from it”?
    -this. episode. was. AWESOME! I just loved it, and it surely has to be my favourite episode in this season so far
    -it’s nice to see Rainbow and I learn the same way: “oh a test, who cares? still don’t care, still don’t care, still don’t care….. the test is tomorrow…. sh*t”
    -it’s nice to see Owloicius still exists
    -so, does that mean everytime Fluttershy has to learn something that she writes an entire play about it? impressive
    -I may not be a fan of rap at all, but Pinkie’s rap was… interesting. for me Pinkie is always on that small line between so funny “I can’t breath” or “you r******* pink horse, I swear I’m going to end you” annoying, but she was extremely good in this episode
    -“Pinkie is best rapeist” I bet my whole stock of cheesecake that someone already wrote an Fanfic like this
    -I would have laught my ass of if Twiligh would have just goone to the wonderbolts like: “hey, you’re new princess is demanding you to officially mke me an Wonderbolt!” just to show Rainbow who’s the boss
    -I liked the arguement, but I really think they shouldn’t just have just Fluttershy let end it
    -Am I the only one who thinks that if Rainbow is so good at noteicing things while flying, wouldn’t she like… notice that all her friends are there jumping around in costumes? also, commander Firefly, great joke from the writers… again…
    -52:35 well it’s official, Slendermare comes for my plot. not the first time actually, was once in a roleplay where I played my OC (King of the Changelings) and she played the Slendermare. was pretty funny
    -I didn’t hear “porno” in the end, but still, the way she said “Ponyzit” was somehow… weird…

    well, that was it once again from me. I hope you can fiend something of worth or entertainement in this comment and I can’t wait to hear from you again

  3. Technokrat

    Nerdinand weiss sicher mehr über die Kriese in der Ukraine als ACE…
    So leid es mir tut, waren 90% von den Aussagen von ACE wie immer falsch.

    Bestes Beispiel Chrom…History repeats itself? Du hängst in der Vergangenheit fest, die du leider auch nicht kennst! Im 2. Weltkrieg war die Türkei lediglich eine wichtige Chromquelle für Deutschland.
    Die grossen Chromvorkommen liegen nicht dort.

    Daher erkundet euch doch mal selbst drüber eh, ob ihr den proletischen Meldungen von ACE glauben schenken wollt oder nicht.

    1. King of the Changelings

      Sense? My dear boy, what’s the fun in makeing sense? But to give a proper awnser to your question: there’s no sense behind it, I personally have an incredible hate for he german language on the internet. And as long as nobody get’s hurt by it I think I can keep talking like this, don’t you think?

  4. King of Ponies

    Hallo meine kinder

    Könnt ihr bitte in der nächstmöglichen Folge von der Downtime von swissbronies-united.ch berichten am besten mit ein wenig richtiger recherchearbeit über ursachen und anschuldigungen. so wie sich das für qualitätsjournalismus gehört ne?

    gruss aus ponyville

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