PZ047 Comic-Vertuscher

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One thought on “PZ047 Comic-Vertuscher

  1. King of the Changelings

    Well, the best way to describe this weeks poadcast would be lacking (which is pretty obvious, seeing how one of the usual team is lacking). It really is a better poadcast when all 3 of you are there. But I don’t want to talk about ACE that much again (I mean I already described him as a god once), and I also don’t want to much personal feelings get involved. At least not untill my fanic is finally finished (ACEKing is 3. shipping). But away from that topic, here’s my feedback:
    -funny you mentioned your 50 episode anniversery, seeing how I just recently listend to episode 40 where you talk about it.
    -Leonie can be happy that I was sogenerous to give her my permission to go to BUCK, because we all know that if I would not have said yes she wouldn’t have dared to do something ahainst my will, isn’t that right?
    -I’m must say I’m normally don’t like stuff that wants to be cute, but even I admit that that little filly was adorable
    -the Rarity/Applejack conflict felt really, REALLY forced. And why didn’t they just split their stuff again when they realized that it just doesn’t work out for them?
    -well, the last time Fluttershy wasn’t a doormat that would have been “Putting your hoof down”(the episode with Iron Will), and it didn’t work out that good now didn’t it?
    -That had to be the first time where you used an song that even I know, and not just know but also like. Not bad
    -Raritys breakdown was so clich├ęd, it was hatd not to laugh at it. Much like the birdhouse scene, I do not often have such a good laugh
    -I really am a fan of Owlowiscious, and I likef that he was in this episode, but why didn’t he just get Twilight’s attention and led her to Rarity? He’s smart, he’d found a way, I’m sure of that
    -You’re right, these Ponies never learn anything. That’s why Applejack is the element of honesty, she is the only one who admits it “…’a didn’t learn anything today…”
    -well, if you wanna be hypocritical you could argue that Spike used fire before, like when AJ used him as a lighter in “Apple family reunion”, but I guess that’s a nippick
    -Nice to see my favourite backgroundpony (Octavia) return again, but was I the only one asking himself if that dude transformed into her? Granted, I don’t mind a nice transformation story, and I’m also sure the guy’s glad to become a mare in such an brutal anti-male society
    -I think the resolution was just a bit rushed, but after thinking about it a bit I didn’t mind to much, seeing how the good scenes outwight the bad ones
    -ok, I can understand haveing princess Luna there to whipe out dark magic, and I can understand leaving Celestia in Canterlot, but why involve Cadence? Doesn’t she have better things to do then to travel all the way to Ponyville?
    -you asked about the glowing eyes, and I’d like to awnser that with a theory of mine, but sadly I’m forced to write this comment on my phone, so I try to shorten it a bit so I have to leave this out, would be to much to write otherwise

    That would be it from me, I hope to see all togethet in the next episode. Untill then have a good time and I can’t wait for next time

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