PZ048 Fedora-Schlauch

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  • Feedback
  • Zürich-Meetup
  • Nostalgic Gaming Meetup
  • Grill-Meetup
  • BronyCon (Nerdi)
  • GalaCon Trailer
  • Bucket list: Was willst du an auf jeden Fall an der Con erlebt haben?
  • Musik: Constellations (DJ Gestap Remix)
  • Folge: Equestria Games (S04E24)

One thought on “PZ048 Fedora-Schlauch

  1. King of the Changelings

    Good to see that ACE is back, and at the same time I can write my feedback from my computer again, which means you don’t have another one that’s much to short. Let’s not just talk about it and start from start to finish:
    -you wanted an intro song, now you have one, no idea how you want to get an better one
    -oh sure ACE, just blame the meth again why won’t you?
    -I have no probleme if you make fun of the people who lisen to this poadcast, but that’s just me. I don’t know how other people see that
    -I also want to congratulate you for getting accepted on Bronycon, I’m sure you will do decent enough
    -great, now Weird Al’s song “I lost on Jeopardy” is stuck in my head
    -when it comes to awkward schoolplays you can’t top me, I would even bet money on that. let’s say falling on your face in front of an hall of peole and after that telling them that it’s “not funny at all” is quite the interesting experience
    -I’d be interested in what the arguements are of the people who say that you’re not good at makeing podcasts. I’m sure I would find a few counter-arguements
    -sadly I can’t help ACE with his wish to be famous, seeing how I’m absolutely against getting put in the spot anywhere (which is kind of ironic seeing how my name get’s mentioned at least once a week in an podcast but meh, it’s kinda nice I guess)
    -I never played world of warcraft i my whole live. I don’t even know people who play that game
    -I think it’s strange when voice actors think people don’t wanna hear their characters voice. I mean that’s the only reason they’re here, and they shouldn’t act surprised when people want to use them as a music box and hear something said from them. of course only when they have an panel or something like that, when they are just walking around that’s something else
    -I would listen to the ACE podcast. I mean sure, it would only have 3 episodes at max but I’m sure they would be… interesting…
    -really? you give the fandom still 5 years? that’s pretyy generous in my oppinion. I didn’t give it another month after the season 2 final. then again, the show I last saw before MLP was Danny Phantom, which ended pretty abrubtely after 3 seasons, so you could say I’m kind of an “neighsayer”
    -uhm… I doupt you can call someone a good person just because they wach this show. I guess what you ment where people who actually take those lessons to heart that it teaches
    -ah yes the Galacon trailer, the firts time where I saw a person behind a mike instead the character, and that not only because they show her behind her mike. I mean, doesn’t Rina-chan normally speak Vinyl instead of Nowacking?
    -My personal to-do list in case I’d go on an convention (which will never happen) would look like this: get in there, buy as much pony merchandise as I can afford, leave again as fast as it’s possible. short and easy
    -so, an TF2 cosplay? Two questions: which classes and which color?
    -43:13 Slendermare really must be an fan of this podcast, she seems to be in every episode
    -how did Spike manage to not know that he’s a hero? He has his own glass window in Canterlot. Maybe Twilight didn’t tell him so he doesn’t think he’s more then an simple slave
    -I have to disagree with you, Twiligh and Cadence are both still mortal, and that’s for once not even an headcanon but an fact, they tweeted that shortly after the season 3 premier. The reason that Celestia/Luna are immortal and they don’t is because Celestia/Luna were born as Alicorns, and Twilight/Cadence were transformed into alicorn, what also awnsers a later question of you: no, I don’t think Twilight/Cadence are on the same level as Celestia/Luna
    -I was more surprised to see Fancypants sitting underneath he royal box, and that without Fleur de Lis. what an asshole, getting yourself tickets but none for your wife
    -I have no probleme with you mentioning Tombstone so often, you alsmost could call it an running gag. But it’s not like you really insult him in any way
    -yes it’s true, I’m totally standing by an tree here, but I’m laughing nonetheless
    -“worst episode ever”? are you kidding Nerdi? this has to be the best episode since the Equestria Girls Episode (can’t wait for when the second movie releases and you have to review it. that will be fun, I’m sure of that
    -really ACE? you play TF2 and don’t know what a Fedora is? then again, most of the Fedoras got destroyed when that mayonnaise leaked in that warehouse (if you don’t get that one don’t worry, you have to have played TF2 a while to get that joke)
    -you asked who listens to this shit? well, that would be me for sure, and I don’t even need drugs to think this is funny
    -who knows, maybe Soarin has wingcancer…

    Well, normally here would be the end but I have still two extras who don’t really count as feedback I guess:
    -regarding the season final, and the fact that Tirek… Terek… however his name is spelled is from the pilot episodes of G1, did you think abou maybe watching “Rescue at Midnight Castle” and makeing an comparisson between the two? I never watched any other generations for myself, but I heard G1 isn’t that bad (compared to the other generations)
    -And a little question to ACE here: as an player of TF2 I’m sure you are aware of unusuals (hats with special effects o them). I personally own one myself and the effect on it is “ACE’s high”, so I wanted to ask if it’s ok if I use his name in the description of my hat (I already have an stupid pun in mind…)

    that would be it from me, as always have a good time and I can’t wait for the next episode

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