PZ049 Ganzheitliche, temporäre, transzendente Methschlösser

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Zum HörerInnen-Grillen gehts hier entlang: http://ponyzit.ch/2014/05/12/meet-the-team-hoererinnen-grillen/

3 thoughts on “PZ049 Ganzheitliche, temporäre, transzendente Methschlösser

  1. PheonixCircle

    Ich fand den Podcast mal wieder extremst unterhaltsam und wollte nun mal was dazu sagen.
    Ace’s episches Intro fand ich super. Passt auch zum Staffelfinale.
    Ich habe zwar niemals Ponytime zugehört, doch ich find es immer schade wenn Leute gezwungenermassen etwas aufgeben müssen, dass ihnen Freude bereitet.

    Zur Folge selbst:
    Ich fand sie einfach nur geil. Der Bösewicht war nicht irgend ein trockener Schwamm, dem man Hörner angeklebt hat, sondern er hatte Charakter und soger einen Hintergrund. Übrigens kam er bereits in der ersten Generation vor, falls ihr das noch nicht wusstet.
    Discord fand ich auch super. Er wurde gut in der Story miteinbezogen. Zeitweise hatte ich das Gefühl, dass das alles geplant war, um Twilight zu helfen, schliesslich hatte er in ihrem Tagebuch die Schlüsselseiten markiert. Zumindest bis er selbst betrogen wurde. Entweder ist er ein verdammt guter Schauspieler oder es war ihm ernst.
    Echt hart fand ich, nebst Discords Verrat an Fluttershy, den zerstörten Büchereibaum aus eben den Gründen, die ihr selbst genannt habt. Das Schloss, dass dann dort (ich nehme mal an es ist dort) gewachsen ist, find ich jedoch nicht so schlecht. Vielleicht ein Bisschen zu viel Kristall aussehen, aber das Interieur, vor allem der Thronsaal, gefiel mir.
    Die Rainbow Ponies lass ich mal aussen vor.

    Ja, also danke dass ihr diesen Podcast macht. Ich bin immer wieder unterhalten und es macht mir Spass, euch zuzuhören.
    Bis dann mal 🙂

  2. King of the Changelings

    well, here we are again and don’t let us waste any time and get to my comment:
    -well, I can’t lie if I say there are more pleasant sounds then ACE’s singing, but it’s not that bad that you have to get rid of it. also, what’s the song you sang in the beginning? because it sounds familiar
    -sadly enough I can’t add you on steam, because I have the personal rule to never add someone who’s famous (you are on an podcast, that counts as famous in my book). I lernt that getting to know people always makes me dislike them, and I’d rather don’t risk that
    -you asked for an screenshot, here it is: http://s14.directupload.net/images/140517/pvaqivcp.jpg
    if you ask yourself why the effect is teamcolored flames instead of teamcolored cards, that’s an skin. also, the description of the hat is “you really have to be on drugs if you work on the Ponyzit podacst”
    -so, that’s how you blackmail people into listening this podcast? either commenting or haveing to hear ACE sing? that’s truely a terrible thing to do from you!
    -Ponyzit, the podcast where the cast discusses how you properly do an omlette
    -I can’t say anything to ponytime, never listend to them, but I kne hat they existed. I guess you can call that an start
    -why do I have the feeling the end of Ponyzit will be for me like for Nerdi the end of Ponytime was? just suddenly wondering why there are no new episodes anymore and then realizeing that they’ve gone offline since ssome time
    -~sigh~ the moon doesn’t shine, never has and never will. seeing how it reflects the sunbeams it acts more like a mirror to lead the beams from their course on the earth, which means the moon isn’t even a real lightsource if you think about it. so, there’s your awnser, did I win anything?
    -the Euromir theme song, “Projekt Euromir” is the name I think. wouldn’t it be awesome to have an subtle remix of this as your intro? but sadly I have the musical talent of an sack potatoes, or else I would try to mix something for you
    -you could do that “retro-episode” idea for your 50. episode, talking about all that happend to this podcast over the time
    -oh yes, ACE really had a run wih his meth jokes this episode. I counted, there are 8 times in this episode where the subject meth is brougth up
    -I idn’t think much of the Princesses song, but I can imagen people have fangasms over it
    -I know that joke has already been done to death, but I could swear tirek… terek… what’s-his-name looks like the ape from the lion king in the beginning
    -~sigh~ I’m a bit dissapointed that there’s no sombra here, but didn’t they involve him in the comics somehow? I don’t read the comics myself, but I think I saw a post on my little brony where there was a page shown
    -I must say I have an completely different oppinion, and as strange as it sounds, I have to side with one of his comments: “you really should have seen that comming” how could someone not see that comming? I mean hello? god of chaos? spirit of evil? even his name is the opposite of harmony! then again, I think his frindship with Fluttershy is pretty beliveable. overall I’m just pissed that he’s so stupid in this episode. how could he not see the betrayal from what’s-his-face comming? that has to be the only person that’s even less trustworthy then him!
    -good thing I listen to this podcast, wouldn’t even have noticed that they could have destroyed the window otherwise
    -I too had to think of minecraft when I saw the first victim, but strangely enough I had to think of the Godfather (der Pate), because of the oranges he was carrying. would have been awesome if they would have managed to make an refference to the Godfather
    -princesses sleep with armor, another thing I wouldn’t have noticed without you
    -I also thought that Luna storming inside Celestias room was a bit to fast handeled, haveing Celestia Just sit up and catching her breath would have been enough. like this it’s really kind of weird
    -wow, you’re 4. song in a row that even I know. ever noticed that if you look at Ibringdalulz lyrics the song is kinda perverted?
    -I was a bit dissapointed that Twilight didn’t get such an magical mane like Luna or Celestia, but then again Cadence also has normal hair. I guess only higher godesses are allowed to have their hair like this
    -didn’t we already see an Twiligh Rainboom in th season pilot? and it looked as awesome as it sounds
    -I wished Twilight would have gone to Zecora when she got her new powers, to learn something about concentration or something else. I just think she would have been a nice touch in this episode
    -was I the only one who was a bit surprised that all of Discord’s magic is dark magic? (you can see that when who-cares-for-names steals his power. I mean from what we’ve seen dark magic is pretty corrupting, so he must be pretty good to controle that all without ending like Sombra
    -Twilight’s groans are just adorable! (why does that line sound so wrong to me?)
    -man, I really felt bad for Twilight and her library, I’d would have been pissed to if someone just comes along and destroys my whole house and everything inside of it. boy, imagen the harmony chest would have still been in there, that would have been pretty stupid for them
    -I can’t say anything to the fighting scene that hasn’t been said yet, it’s plain and simple awesomeness. if that doesn’t prove hat little candy-colored ponies are manly then I don’t know
    -it’s nice to sea that they actually fight the viallin for once, not only running away and ending him with an magical artifact in the ned
    -the rainbow ponies. well…. it could have been worse I guess? I just hope they never sho up again, the product placement was almost on breezie level, just not that bad. worts looking rainbow pony in my oppinion is Rainbow Dash, and “best” looking one Twilight
    -I thought it was pretty interesting that who-really-cares sends them to Tartarus without talking about the story of his live half an hour before doing so. seems like he’s more of an “less talk more fight!” person
    -by god that castle is ugly. I really, really don’t like how that thing looks
    -did you have an dictionary at your side while you were talking about the magic of frindship? I don’t hear that complex words when I go to the Mensa meetings
    -if Twilight ever gets an Ipad she really should get herself the Podcast App, so she can follow awesome Podcasts like the Ponyzit Podcast! (now if this isn’t good product placement, I don’t no what is)
    -my final oppinion is that it might not be the best two parter, but definitly the best season final yet
    -1:18:15 we make a little pause in the podcast to show you news from the mental ward, with all our patients makeing strange noises

    well, about things that you could do seeing how the season is over now:
    -I would really like if you do the second “what if” you mentiond once, I’d love to hear new interesting nonesense from you
    – maybe something like fanfic reviews? I mean I don’t know what your oppinion to fanfics is, but there are a lot of good and (at least in this community) famous once. I’m not asking for you to read Fallout:Equestria in a run, just the smaller stories that most people know. I’m sure me and the other people that comment (ha ha, what a joke) could give some titles that are short but good for you to look at

    well, that would be it from me for now. I’m gonna see if any ideas come to my mind untill next monday. if yes I’m gonna write them in the next comment. I can’t wait to hear from you again

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