PZ050 What if Twilights Bücher?

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2 thoughts on “PZ050 What if Twilights Bücher?

  1. PheonixCircle

    Hay Zusammen

    Ich wollte mich noch für den super Abend bedanken. Es hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht euch alle persönlich kennen zu lernen und Zeit mit euch zu verbringen 🙂
    Ich muss euch wirklich mal was mitbringen wenn wir uns das nächste Mal sehen.

    Ich sollte vielleicht noch was zur Folge selbst sagen. Erstmal Glückwunsch zu 50 Folgen und zu mehr als eineinhalb Jahren Ponyzit.
    Was denn für ein Stuhl? Vielleicht dieser hier?: http://www.baloe.nl/ponyzit.htm

    Euch zuzuhören bereichert meinen Tag immer wieder aufs Neue.
    Grüsse von PheonixC.

  2. King of the Changelings

    Well, normally i’d dislike it when you make a bigger pause between episodes, but this time it was very handy, seeing how I wouldn’t have been able to make my comment if it wasn’t for the pause. but let’s not waste any time, here’s my comment:
    -first of all I want to wish you an happy anniversary. let’s hope that you’ll make it to the 100 episodes, and that they will be as awesome as the episodes we have right now
    -well, I can’t really say that I’m jealous about a rubik’s cube, I always prefeered the rubik’s ball (god, as if the cube wasn’t hard enough)
    -“it’s cheap, but it has ponies on it” well, sounds like the marketing idea behind equestria girls to me
    -I won’t gift you any kind of kitchen equipment, because my comments are the biggest gifts I could ever make for you. sounds fair to me
    -12:35 not many people may know that, but ACE studiet under the carefull watch of the Dalai Lama himself to learn to think such deep thoughts
    -I also honestly doupt that they really will give them boyfriends, and if they do, they would really have to make them likeable characters, which kida brings me with my next question…
    -what if: they would have left Flash Sentry as twilights boyfriend, and would have totally fucked it up? what do you think how people would have reacted?
    -so you think you are the dude? yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion Nerdi
    -hmm, I think I’ve heard of the guy married to Twiligh Sparkle before. I want to say here that I concider myself a person of science and logic, but also that I can have a pretty big suspension of disbelive when I want.so, let’s look at this from different directions:
    ~if it’s only a doll, and he is firmly beliveing that it’s real, then I have to sadly say that it’s an (very interesting) kind of schizofrenia, that only brings live to the doll and nothing else. and don’t give me the “he got himself tested”. I know enough of psychology that I know that it’s damn hard to make right diagnoses with psychological diseases
    ~let’s say the doll is real, he knows it and he only plays his part, then i would at least give him some major respect for playing it so well, and with so much enthusiasm. I mean, I doupt I could do that
    ~let’s assume, Twilights real, she came from equestria and fell in love with him (which for me sounds like a bad fanfic, but hey..) then I don’t have much of an comment to that. I mean hey, all laws of logic and physic got broken (yeah yeah I know “magic, it’s not an exact science”). all I can say is that I wouldn’t mind their relationship, in the end (at least for me) it’s not about what we think. or what all of society thinks. heck, I don’t even care what that dude thinks. for me it’s only about Twilight, and if she loves him and wants to be with him then that’s her decision, and I wouldn’t try to stop them. by the way, I wouldn’t want to speak to the real Twilight Sparkle even if I could. i just don’t like haveing contact with famous people/ponies
    -hmmm… what if: your favourite mlp plushy/merchandise would come to live and express it’s love to you, but you’re the only one who can hear it. also you have absoluteprove that it’s real, so no “going to the mental ward” as awnser. how would you react?
    -an computer that can talk? well, nothing for me, I’m afraid mine would only judge me…
    -if I could have anything I wanted, then I would wish myself an PDA with that I could change reality like I want. maybe that’s a bit overkill, like “unlimited wishes”, so if that doesn’0t work, then an bag of money that never runs out, so I could buy myself and others everything we ever wanted
    -“bomb the whole east” ~sigh~ sure. sure. because awnsering violance of a few people with the complete destruction of their lives, their homes and their families surely is an act of kindness to humanity. some people should really live the lives of those people they want kill once
    -42:35 again, protege of dalai Lama. but by god, that music was so fiting, not only did it ruin the seriousness of the moment, but also made me laugh like an complete idiot. seeing this is an podcast over suisse bronies I won’t complain
    -“what if MLP had never existed?” hmmm… surely an interesting question. in my case you could call it an double sided sword: on the positive hand, I learned the joys of PC gameing because of it, made anumber of good friends, saw some great comedi, action and characters and teached my most likely more things then I’d admitt if asked. but on the other hand it also the things that showed me the interenet, REALLY showed it to me, a world of porn, trolls and memes, and this discovery made me extremely lazy, rather spending my time on the internet then outside (I’m surprised i’m not fat yet). same goes with PC gameing, which i now do most of the time. so I’d be very interested in seeing how my live would have went if there hadn’t been any MLP

    so, and after that piece of my live that you never asked or cared for I say farwell, untill next time and I can’t wait to hear from you

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