PZ052 Englischzismen

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4 thoughts on “PZ052 Englischzismen

  1. PheonixCircle

    So, bevor ich in die Ferien verschwinde hier noch mein Kommentar:

    – Ach, so ist das also mit dem Tombstone.

    – Die Sounds sind zu laut. Ich konnte euch zeitweise gar nicht mehr verstehen. Was Schade ist da ich ja wegen euch den Podcast höre^^

    -WM: Fussball ist eigentlich nicht mein Ding, aber ich freue mich dass Deutschland mal wieder die WM gewonnen hat. Vor allem gegen Argentinien (hehehe)

    -Olten: War ein lustiges Meet-Up. Ace’s Videos und die Vorträge waren unterhaltsam.

    Joa, das wars für dieses Mal. Bis zum nächsten Mal.

  2. teschi

    Hier mal ein Kommentar von einem Eurer Hörer aus Deutschland

    – Alles in allem eine gute Episode.

    – War vielleicht etwas Off-Topic-lastig, was aber in der Staffelpause voll OK ist. Und der enthusiastische WM-Monolog von Ace war sehr genial.

    – Der Aussage, dass Tombstone überbewertet ist, kann ich beipflichten. Jedoch hat er auch Glanzmomente wie z.B. “Good Girl”, das singen sollte er aber wohl eher bleiben lassen 🙂

    Und noch ein paar Anmerkungen zu Eurem Podcast an sich (da’s ja mein erstes Review ist)

    Ich hör euch seit ca. PZ030 (primär im Auto auf der A8) und hab Spaß dabei. Anfangs primär wegen der Folgen-Reviews, mittlerweile eher wegen der “Shennanigans” 🙂
    Zu Ace’s Humor hab ich zwar öfters mal ein eher gespaltenes Verhältnis, aber gerade seine Unberechenbarkeit und die daraus entstehende Gruppendynamik ergibt oft Top Unterhaltung.
    Ansonsten hör ich Schwiizerdütsch total gern (obwohl ich sonst keine besondere Beziehung zur Schweiz hab).

    Einzige Sache die mir hin und wieder nicht so gut gefällt ist die Musikauswahl in der Mitte. Macht auf mich öfter mal einen etwas lieblos ausgewählten Eindruck, kann aber auch nur an meinem Musikgeschmak liegen… überspring ich halt dann 🙂

    Alles in allem… Super Podcast… Supergeil.


    @Ace: War schön Dich auf der GalaCon kennen zu lernen und ich hoffe Deiner Brohoof-Hand geht’s wieder besser 😀

  3. King of the Changelings

    Well hello there once again. I hope you had a nice 1. of august. I surely had, even if I’m sure yours was more eventfull then mine. But anyways, I guess I own you feedback, don’t I?
    -of course i didn’t comment on you last week. you wanna know why? because of Leonies comment that PheonixCircle is your new favourite commenter. I was so angry I quitted commenting for a whole WEEK! ok, in all seriousness, ACE’s reason was right, I was on vacation and couldn’t write it. kind of an cheap excuse, seeing how the original script was already written but hey, I try my best. and it seems like you can survive a week without me
    -oh, poor Living Tombstone. in my personal oppinion he can make good music. but only music. when it comes to singing he should keep quiet. take for instance my personal favourite “Tombstone” song: Octavia’s Overture. the tombstone version is…. well, to be polite I’d say “not that great”… but listen to the Forest Rain version and you have one beautifull song. in my oppinion at least
    -you should make the different sounds from the soundboard a bit more quieter. sometimes they make it hard to understand you. not much, just a bit
    -I never had a probleme with ACE beeing to loud. and about the Slendermare… well, let’s wait a bit before I give my comment to that…
    -that sad violin always reminds me of My little Dashie. a bit overrated that Fic in my oppinion. sad, sure, but not “tearforceing” sad
    -I have to be honest, I have absolutely no interest in the worldcup or soccer at all. there are other sports I’m interested in. sure, I would had been happy if suisse won, but even then I wouldn’t have really cared much. I mean I’m half german and I don’t care. but I suppose not everyone can like the same things
    -18:46 Slendermare Slendermare, all the fillies try to run, Slendermare Slendermare, for her it’s part of the fun… (I suppose you know the song)
    -Straight-A students gettin’ B’s, Ex’s getting STD’s, waking Dormen from thair nap, watching Tourists reading maps, Football players getting tackled, CEO’s getting shackled, watching actors never reach the ending of their oscar speech! SCHADENFREUDE! SCHADENFREUDE! (wow, two songs in a row, even if I doupt you know this one)
    -caps luna? didn’t know that one. I was only aware of the ROYAL VOICE OF CANTERLOCK!
    -that song reminded me of the fact that I still haven’t watched Winter Wrap Up. in the beginning I still had some pride and skipped all the episodes with songs. have lost that pride some time ago…
    -you have an TF2 gameplay ACE? well, everyday’s a schoolday I suppose
    -well, anal- or poopjokes are never really funny, but they are so stupid that we laugh more because we mean it ironic. so in short, laugh about it without shame, as long as you know it’s stupid
    -I honestly see no reason why any Brony would freak out just because there’s a girl. then again, I have the rule of thumbs that everyone on the internet is “Female untill proven otherwise”. it spares you a bit of trouble here and there
    -ah, TF2. finally a topic where I can say something aswell. but I honestly don’t know if Leonie would enjoy it. I mean it’s extremely hard to get into that game, esspecially when there are decent players on the server that just stop you into the ground. but I suppose that’s why there’s the trainings mode. I personally have to be honest, I only started playing that game because of the Pony skins. I first enjoyed those before I enjoyed the actual games. a bit weird in hindsight…
    -well, it really is a thing of luck if you get a team that has teamplay. I personally find that in the new mode, Robot-destruction, people tend to play as team.
    -autobalance is fine, but it doesn’t help if there’s just one person that makes the difference. and I’ve seen that a few times to often (heck, there were times where I was said person). in that case it just annoys the other team. and it sucks if it’s always that one Sniper, or that one Heavy/Medic combo that kills you.
    – I personally don’t care much for Half-live 3. I actually strangely enough hope a bit that it will fail horrible. don’t get me wrong, I played Half-live 2 and liked it, and I also love Valve like every other thing with a brain on this world. but come on, that game has such a hype for such a long time already. wouldn’t be funny to see the broken dreams of fans everywhere? no? am I really the only one who thinks like that? ok…

    well, that was it from my side once again. I will try to deliver these feedbacks in time again. have a good time and I can’t wait for the next episode

    1. King of the Changelings

      -little point I forgot to mention in the Living Tombstone case: he sings well in Love me Cheerlie. but I think that’s the only time he does it well

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