PZ053 Im Aargau sind alle gleich

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One thought on “PZ053 Im Aargau sind alle gleich

  1. King of the Changelings

    Well, it’s truly nice to hear from you three again. To be honest, my first reaction when I realized that you put out another episode was more something like “well shove a glowstick up my a** and call me King of the Fireflies! I thought these guys were f****** dead!”, but that would have been rather rude. But anyways, you came for feedback and here it comes:
    -There were some problemes with the sound in this episode. It went up and down for me, so sometimes it was hard to even hear you, while other times you were extremely loud. Not quite something that makes it more enjoyable to listen to you
    -Regarding Rainbow Rocks: I would prefer if you first catch up with the episodes and then give your oppinions about it. It would be a missed oppurtunity if you tried to press it into an episode where you already talk about other episodes
    -Soundboard? May I ask for Princess Luna’s line “Th’is a lie!” from the episode Lunar Eclipse? I’m not quite if you will find ways to use it, but I love that line, and it would make one of your fans quite happy if you could integrate it
    -~sighs~ I think I mentioned this before, I’m not an “convention person”, so it could be that I don’t have too much to say about that matter…
    -Interesting, I wanted to ask the question about american water too. Looks like you beat me to that ACE
    -Oh come on! You’re in america, standing on a stage, it’s the 1. of August and you don’t even play our national anthem? Now it’s my turn to be disappointed
    -Random question, that has nothing to do with anything: didn’t one of you order an mlp doormat at one point? I’m just curious if that thing ever arrived whoever ordered it…
    -I know I know, I should start listening to the Zwangschast but… uhm… I don’t know… insert cheap excuse here I guess?
    -33:20 HOLLY F***! I swear, I almost got a stroke because of that damn Slendermare!
    -38:15 and here’s the next one. I swear, you should put the warning “this podcast may contain sudden noises, disturbing content and jumpscares (also political oppinions and off topic conversations). viewer discretion is advised”. Also, is the Slendermare joke overused by me?
    -Past Sins for 600 Pounds…
    I’d buy it, I’ll admit. I have read the story around…. 7 times I guess, and I’ll read it again. If you read it together with the “in the family” sidestories then it’s truly worthy of beeing called decent
    -what would an episode of this podcast be without the Living Tombstone beeing mentioned?
    -I don’t mind if you talk into the songs. I mean if I want to listen to them again I could just search them after the podcast
    -Drawn Together… saw it. Not a Fan to be honest
    -Actual Daring Do books? sounds interesting enough. may look into that
    -How Celestia and Luna were made? Well, how do I explain that… So, when a stallion and a mare love each other very VERY much… no, that’s not the right way to explain it…
    well, you see, there are bees and there are flowers and they… ugh, I’m not good at this
    -Why yes, the eternal question on who was first: the Lauren or the Faust? (little “journey to my imagination” reference for you)
    -When you said “maid” I could have sworn you said “mate”. I wasn’t sure if you just became australian or if you suddenly went MLG

    To the Episode we go:
    -Let’s start with the fact that I can’t stand anime. I don’t mind people who watch it but it’s nothing for me. So when the final went all Dragonball Z on us I wasn’t really that happy. It’s just to X-TREEEEEEEEME for me. I like it more subtle and talking, and not LAZOR ‘N XPLOSION. So I was quite happy when we went back to a more grounded story. Still, my expectation wasn’t that high…
    -My overall thoughs: not bad. Pretty good actually. Some parts were… “crinchworthy” ~cough~ balloon bridge ~cough~, but it was truly an great episode. Congrats writers, you write better then I expected
    4.5 Stars
    -I loved it when spike destroyed the Rockfarm. Nothing makes me laugh like an crying Pinkie Pie
    -Cutiemarks glow, vibrate and fly away… sometimes I really wonder trough how much sh** you have to go to not even aknowlege that that may be a little bit weird. I mean come on, not even an “huh”?
    -My first impression of the Village? 9 LEVELS OF WHAT THE F***. I swear, those guys are so… uncomfortable… not creepy, just uncomfortable…
    -I liked the Hairstyle of the Equalizer Ponies. It’s something…
    -So, now they all have their own… wait for it… CUTIEKIMMUNICATOR! ~ba-dum-tzz~
    -I have to say Starlight Glimmer was truly convinced that what she did was right, and she didn’t do it for power. I mean come on, except for the cutiemark she was as equal as the others.
    she build her own system. In an already standing Monarchy. HELLO?!? you can’t just say ” I have an idea, I’ll make my own village with it’s own” while you’re already in an working system. And Celestias system is working. Think about it, only since Luna came back there were evil invasions every 2 weeks (hell, she was one of those invasions). before that we only know of 3, and those are 1000 years in the past. Coincident that everything has gone wrong since Luna came back? I’m not saying anything, just that it should be a monarchy, not a duarchy…
    -Trixie comes back? Hm, I’m still not over the fact that they just let her go after she took over an entire village. Come on! How does the legal system in equestria work? Do they jump from “stern talk” directly to “banishment and petrification”? seriously, they should have at least informed Celestia
    -Well, I have to say it’s true, I really don’t listen to Ponytime. So I’ll just take your word on that you are better then them

    So, that was all. As always, have a good time and I can’t wait for your next episode

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